What is chronic wound?
Chronic wound is defined as a wound that does not improve after four weeks or does
not heal in eight weeks.

What are the causes of chronic or non-healing wounds?
• Diabetes
• Varicose veins
• Venous and arterial insufficiency
• Vasculitis
• Taking cytotoxic drugs
• Post Radiation for cancer treatment

What are the factors, affecting patients with chronic
wounds, in day to day life?
• Pain from wound, bleeding, itching and redness around the wound.
• Increase in drainage from the wound
• Need for daily dressing

How does RecoSMA technology works?
RecoSMA stimulates skin cells throughout the entire depth of the skin, bringing out the
hidden potential of your body. It is like flipping the switching on an accelerated skin
regeneration machine. It also stimulates vascular neogenesis (regeneration of new blood
vessels). Thus it leads to stimulation of different tissues resulting in healing of the
wound not just by wound contraction but also by proliferation of different tissues
such as fibroblast, angiogenesis and accelerated skin regeneration resulting in
speedy wound healing with minimal scarring.

How is RecoSMA procedure carried out?
• The surface of the wound (including inflamed areas) is treated with a laser apparatus.
The patient feels warm and tingling in the area of impact.
•  Procedure is almost painless.
•  Time of the procedure depends on the area of the wound: 20-30 minutes.
• No preparation for the procedure is required.

• Patients only needs to do dry dressing after the procedure

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What are the disadvantages of traditional treatments?
Traditional treatment of wounds and ulcers involves the use of analgesics and
antibacterial therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs. Its disadvantages are:
• Side effects: Suppressed immunity, healing processes are slowed down.
• Topical treatment may lead to the development of dermatitis, eczema.
• Vacuum treatment is not always feasible, curettage causes an increase in wound volume

Are there any side effects or after effects of RecoSMA treatment?
The treatment does not require anesthesia which makes treatment very safe and effective. There is no risk of infection due to elimination of infectious bacteria and rapid skin regeneration. No inter-procedural treatment is required.

How often do patient need to take RecoSMA treatment?
Maximum results are realized with treatment per week for 8 to 10 weeks. The wound
heals or is partially healed to a point where skin grafting can be done.

Is this treatment cost effective?
Treatment is less expensive than alternatives. No need of hospitalization as patient is
treated on OPD basis. Even daily dressings are not necessary.

What we need to apply on the wound after the treatment?
There is no need to use ointments, powders, solutions etc. which means that there is no need to keep the whole first-aid kit at home.  The only care recommendation given to patients is a change of dry dressings as they get wet.

What are the benefits of RecoSMA treatment for non- healing wounds and ulcers?
• Reducing the area of the wound until its complete closure
• Improving the patient’s quality of life from the very first procedures
• Reducing pain in the wound / ulcer.
• Patients are treated on OPD basis.
• Patients unfit for surgery due to ailments such as diabetes, hypertension etc.can also be    treated.



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