Long standing Diabetes essentially affects multiple organs & leads to derangement of various systems resulting in diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy, micro-angiopathy, and neuropathy. Diabetic micro-angiopathy leads to compromised blood supply to the skin particularly in foot. Due to Diabetic neuropathy minor injuries on foot go unnoticed. Due to increased sugar level in interstitial fluid these micro wounds get easily infected leading to tiny wounds. Infection due to contamination causes surrounding tissue necrosis. This eventually results in diabetic non-healing wound.

Regular foot care vigilantly checking for minor cracks & bruises on foot – planter aspect & weight bearing points is required. This way one can avoid formation of diabetic wound. Due to loss or reduced sensation tiny minor wounds go unnoticed & progress into larger & deeper wound due to necrosis of tissues.  Many of these wounds are deep up to bone. Then amputation of toes or portion of foot is required.

How does RecoSMA laser heal wound

RecoSMA laser heals these wounds by stimulating regeneration of different tissues & heals these wounds in more efficient manner. RecoSMA laser by way of Neo-angiogenesis & proliferation of fibroblast & epithelium heals these wounds in more normal & natural way instead of wound contraction.

Why treatment with RecoSMA laser

Treatment is done first with ablative mode to eliminate pathogenic bacterial flora & micro necrectomy to remove dead tissue in wound floor. Then in same session treatment is done with SMA tip to induce tissue regeneration. Due to process of tissue proliferation wound contraction does not happen. Thus deformities are avoided.

Normally Diabetic wound patients are advised not to take weight on affected foot. Unlike this while treating these wounds with RecoSMA laser patient is advised to walk with full weight on affected foot. This helps in patient feeling psychologically better. Since wound heals with full weight bearing problem of wound recurring due to breakdown of fibrotic tissue later, does not happen.

In conventional way of treatment significant percentage of patients need hospitalization. At home also as patient is not supposed to take weight managing these patients at home is also cumbersome. As treatment with RecoSMA laser is on OPD basis & no hospitalization is required. Therefore total cost is significantly low. Hassles to the relatives in the case of hospitalization are significant due to lot of running around. In case of treatment with RecoSMA laser virtually no hassles.



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